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Get Skin Care That Is Tailored To Your Needs

Whether you have dry skin, aging, sensitive or acneic, Spa-tique can provide you with a customized facial treatment that will improve the health of your skin. Our licensed estheticians have experience and skill to make your skin look and feel better than ever.

The Executive Facial is a unique treatment that utilizes exclusive skin care products created "Just for Men" and their special skin care needs. It includes deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, mask and massage. You will leave feeling not only relaxed but revitalized and refreshed at the same time.

First our Esthetician will analyze your skin to determine what skin type you are and use the proper products accordingly.


Then you will receive a thorough cleansing of your skin and pores, which includes a purifying exfoliation, steam, extractions if necessary, followed by a facial massage, calming mask and moisturizer specifically selected for your skin type. This luxurious and relaxing facial will leave your skin cleansed and rebalanced. For best results, recommended once a month.

The products used within this facial are specific to clients with Rosacea. The advanced anti-inflammatory formulation will help to reduce flushing, redness, and vascular stimulation that accompany this skin type.

Executive Mens Facial (60 mins) - $90

Sensitive and Rosacea Healing Facial (60 mins) - $90

Let our experienced Estheticians give your teen a deep pore cleansing & purifying facial based on their skin type. We will also include take-home instructions on proper skin care for beautiful healthy skin, now and for the long-term. If they have extreme acne, when booking the appointment, please request the acne facial.

Teen Cleansing Facial  - 12-18 years old

(60 mins) - $75

Buy a series of 6 one hour signature botanical facials and receive the 7th for FREE.


PLEASE NOTE: No Show or Last Minute Cancellations will be deducted from your series package for one full service.

Botanical Facial Series Packages $480 (save $80)

This facial effectively deals with intense skin care problems by helping to control bacteria and prevent inflammation while calming and soothing the skin. Note: Extensive extractions will most likely be performed.

Acne / Problematic Skincare Facial (60 mins) - $80

Take care of unwanted blemishes or breakouts on your back. This back facial treatment includes a Clarisonic brush cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and relaxing back effleurage massage. Perfect for those who experience blemishes on their back, itchy dry skin or will be showing off their back in a strapless dress or wedding gown.

Clarisonic® Soothing Full Back Facial - $100

The unique alternative to conventional micro-dermabrasion. "A kinder, gentler, progressive not aggressive" dermabrasion system for ALL skin types, even Sensitive and Rosacea clients. With Kinetic Dermabrasion, the top layer of your skin, Epidermis, usually comprised of dead skin cells, is removed using a crystal emollient placed directly on to your skin, which is then induced into the skin using a rotary Kinetic Dermabrasion machine Included with this system is a lymphatic facial massage which is vital to the health of your skin. This rotary massage will help to aid in the removal of built-up toxins to drain back into the lymphatic system.


This entire procedure in turn stimulates the production of new, living cells, causing cellular turnover, speeding up the migration of new cells to the surface of your skin, hence, improving skin elasticity, texture, appearance and health of your skin Bottom line, your skin is a result of what is on the inside as well as the sun exposure you have received over the years on the outside. How you change that fact is two-fold - - by taking off the top layer of your skin which will multiply your skin’s ability to receive nutrients by 100 times, as well as treating the inside with facial lymphatic drainage massage. You will immediately notice a difference in the look and feel of your skin.

Kinetic Dermabrasion Facial (60 mins) - $110

This facial peel revitalizes smoothes and hydrates your skin using a 25% Lactic Peel, Green Tea and Willow Herb extracts. Green Tea is known for its potent anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a more powerful antioxidant (2x) than Vitamin C and provides superior protection from free radical damage. Willow Herb is also known for its potent anti-inflammatory properties as well as being a powerful astringent. Lactic Acid is a mild exfoliant perfect for all skin types, including sensitive.

Green Tea Lactic Peel Facial  (60 mins) - $100

This intensive treatment is designed to rapidly exfoliate skin cells to clarify the complexion. First, your skin is cleansed and toned. Next, a powerful glycolic peel is applied to your face, followed by a balancing mask. After removal, your skin is pampered and soothed with a calming balm. The treatment finishes with the application of a healing lotion and a light massage. You’ll notice immediate improvement in the appearance of scars, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation (dark spots).

Glycolic Deluxe Smoothing Facial – Rapid exfoliation and clarifying  (30 or 60 mins) - $60/ $90

This Molecular Dispersion Technology facial works in synergy to improve all skin types for any age, gender or ethnicity.” This facial uses professional strength glycolic, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin A. With continued use of the at home products you will see and feel a noticeable difference within 6 weeks.

Somme Institute Professional Repairing Delivery System Facial (30 or 60 mins) - $65/$110

Two masks from the Dr. Alkaitis Organic skincare line are used during the facial. The Enzyme exfoliating mask rejuvenates the complexion by gently removing all accumulated debris from the skin while supplying essential phytonutrients, antioxidants and minerals to the skin. And the Cellular Repair mask will repair, regenerate and fortify your environmentally damaged and/or aging skin.

100% Holistic Organic Skin Food Facial

(60 mins) - $110

This incredible facial will insight all of your senses using the principals of Ayurveda. You will be transported to the land of India for an experience you will not likely forget.


To start your experience you will be inhaling a steam of chamomile and Calendula flowers, Comfrey leaf, rose petals and sweet orange essential oils all while getting a back massage. It will be followed by a foot massage. We will cleanse your face apply a turmeric, sandalwood and chickpea mask while giving you a hand massage with tangerine and sandalwood essential oils. Next you will be treated to a facial, upper neck and arm massage using tangerine and sandal wood oils followed by a 2nd mask based on your specific skin types.


Turmeric, sandalwood and chickpea have healing properties and a mix of powerful antioxidants. They treat acne blemishes, blackhead and hyper pigmentation. They help heal and prevent dry skin, slow the skin’s aging process by stimulating new cell growth and keep the skin supple and improve its elasticity. Over time, the properties of turmeric, sandalwood and chick pea will reduce hair growth as well. Both tangerine and sandalwood essential oils are calming and sedative and harmonizing and have been used in meditations for centuries.

East Meets West Exotic and Indulgent Facial (75 mins) - $130

A collagen infused mask used during your facial to plump up delicate skin around your eyes, adding extra moisture which in turn reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Anti-Aging Eye or Lip Treatment - $25

Extremely hydrating for dry/cracked skin. Your hands will look like new after 15 minutes.

Warm Keratin Hand Masque - $12

Extremely hydrating for dry/cracked skin. Your feet will look like new after 15 minutes.

Warm Keratin Foot Masque - $18

We’ve heard you just love this part of the facial experience. Therefore, you can now add this ala carte to any facial offering. Just let us know in advance for timing purposes and we’ll be happy to accommodate your wishes.

Extra Neck and Shoulder Massage with Facial

(15mins) - $25

If you need to go somewhere right after your facial and are self-conscious about not having any makeup on, no worries, we’ll take care of that by putting on a lite application of mineral makeup that won’t clog your pores and undo what the Esthetician just did for you.



Light Mineral Makeup Application - $25

Refer a friend and you get  $10-OFF your next 1 hour massage or 1  hour facial at Spa-tique.

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