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Reap The Benefits Of Massage

With all of the demands you have both physically and mentally, you need time to relax so you can maintain your well-being. Spa-tique offers you the chance to treat your mind and body to therapeutic massage treatments that will lift your spirits and leave your body free of tension.

This is a relaxing and nurturing massage style, based on the strokes invented by the father of modern massage, Swedish gymnast and fencing master Per Henrik Ling. This massage is a lighter style that promotes relaxation, using a firm and flowing pressure. Swedish massage forms the basis of most western massage. Tension, anxiety and life's stresses melt away and is most likely to send you to sleep.

This form of massage deeply penetrates muscle tissue and helps stimulate the rush of oxygen and nutrient rich blood into specific areas. Deep tissue massage is used in areas of chronic pain by breaking-up or reducing adhesions in muscle tissue, giving you relief and added range of motion.

This massage will customize your experience utilizing deep tissue massage where it is needed and Swedish relaxation massage elsewhere.

Swedish Relaxation Massage  (30, 60 or 90 mins) - $45/ $75/ $105

Combination Swedish/Deep Tissue (30, 60 or 90 mins) - $50/ $80/ $110

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This wonderful 90-minute massage experience will utilize all of our favorite massage modalities. Aromatherapy of your choice, Swedish relaxation and deep tissue massage techniques where needed, hot stones sprinkled throughout, and spa reflexology with a warm paraffin mask for your hands and feet.

The simplest tools transformed in the hands of the therapist. Stones that have been smoothed and shaped by nature now work to do the same for you. Chosen for their temperature-retentive qualities, natural stones can enhance a massage with hot or cold therapy to warm and stimulate or cool and soothe.

Pregnancy places strong demands on a woman's body and is a time for the body to be nurtured and pampered. This massage will be given on our state-of-the-art medically-tested pregnancy pillow massage system whereby you can lie comfortably on your tummy, during part of the massage. It is a treat in itself when pregnant. This massage will not only relieve the tensions and aches caused by the extra weight and shift in the center of gravity to the body, but it can reduce swelling, soothe the nervous system, reduce fatigue and enhance your energy.  

This is an acupressure-type technique performed on the hands and feet and is based on the ancient Oriental theory that meridian lines or pathways carry energy throughout the body. Because each zone or part of the body has a corresponding reflex point on the feet, stimulating that reflex point causes stimulation in the natural energy of the related organ. Crystalline-type deposits and/or tenderness indicate a dysfunction, and pressure is applied to clear out congestion and aid in restoring normal functioning and health. All these benefits and it feels so wonderful.

The organic substance comes from a 20,000 year old glacial valley basin in Eastern Europe that has never been drained away allowing the Moor to retain its entire organic mineral and trace elements. In addition, it has an unusual concentration of humic acids, folic acids, vitamins, amino acids, plant hormones and fatty acids in a molecular form that is easy for the skin to absorb. Moor has been used for centuries to heal, nourish and detoxify.


Benefits of this treatment include an increased circulation, stimulation of the immune system, promotion of muscular relaxation, relieves joint pain, reduces inflammation, breaks down fat in cells and improves your range of motion. This treatment cannot be performed if you have central nervous system disorders, pregnancy, hypertension, serious circulatory disorders, fever, serious inflammatory skin disorders or heat sensitivity.

Buy a Series of 6 One-Hour Massages and Receive the 7th for FREE Swedish Relaxation Massage  $420 (save $75)  

Combination Massage (Swedish & Deep Tissue) $480 (save $80)  

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage  $540 (save $90)


PLEASE NOTE: No Show or Last Minute Cancellations will be deducted from your series package for one full service.

Bamboo massage therapy uses gently heated pieces of smooth bamboo and is used for kneading tight muscles and rolling out tension. With each muscle group, a specific bamboo stick length and size is used to relieve chronic pain. This therapy promotes circulation, lymphatic drainage, sensory nerve perception and provides a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.

30-Minute Swedish Back Massage

30-Minute Botanical Express Facial


Minute Swedish Relaxation Massage

60-Minute Signature Botanical Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

60-Minute Swedish Relaxation Massage

30-Minute Botanical Express Facial

Collagen Youthful Eye Treatment

Anti-Aging Warm Keratin Hand Treatment

Choice of a Foot Massage or Light Mineral Makeup Application after facial



90-Minute Natural Hot Stone Massage

60-Minute Signature Botanical Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

Collagen Youthful Eye & Lip Treatment

Anti-Aging Warm Keratin Hand Treatment

Choice of a Foot Massage or Light Mineral Makeup Application after Facial

60-Minute Men’s Executive Cleansing & Toning Facial

90-Minute Deep Tissue Sports Massage

60-Minute Teen Cleansing Facial

Warm Keratin Hand Treatment

Professional Eyebrow Wax & Shaping

Choice of Foot Massage or light Makeup Application after Facial


Massage therapy

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